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Opportunity Zone
Investment Fund

For us at CEDC it is all about the Triple Bottom Line:

Financial return
This a multifaceted community ROI that is sustainable.

Environmental return
By using state of the art environmental planning tools we protect the community environment for generations.

Social impact return
Using sophisticated property technology applications pre, during and post development insures a true positive social impact.

CDFI has created a fund(s) to both own and develop Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) real estate projects and to provide preferred equity to QOZ projects sponsored by third parties. CEDC has identified both numerous possible qualified QOZ projects and has access to able and willing QOZ investors looking to make investments in projects similar to ones invested in by CDFI.

Our fully controlled and managed fund by Clearinghouse CDFI is the perfect vehicle for investors to fully take advantage of the tax benefits that Opportunity Zones provide.

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Pine Avenue


Community Economic Development Corporation, (CEDC), Innovative Housing Opportunities, a nonprofit (IHO)  Clearinghouse CDFI

Project: 71-unit, Mix-use Workforce Housing project 7th and Pine Ave
State-of-the-art amenities will include on-site management services and leasing, possible 8,000 commercial to include walk-in medical clinic with creative arts pocket community space, rec rooms, bicycle spaces, space connecting the village concept to the existing Pacific Senior tower.

Pine Ave include approximately 1,600 sq. ft of lobby area, a 2,300 sq. ft community space that includes a computer room and business center, a courtyard with a playground, roof ftop space, and 20 parking spaces.

Pacific Avenue





Developer: Community Economic Development Corporation, (CEDC), Innovative Housing Opportunities, a nonprofit (IHO)  Clearinghouse CDFI


Project: CCDFI, CEDC, and IHO are developing market rate housing. The development is separate and distinct from the Pine Ave subject development, but together will create and continue an inclusive environment that coexists and enhances the community.


Pine and Pacific Ave intends to create synergy with the existing neighbors. Inclusionary market rate project consisting of a proposed 82 units Mixed-Use Building located at 730, 732 Pacific Ave., in Downtown Long Beach, CA 




Developer: Embassy Village Development Partners LLP, 
Resurrection Community Economic Development Corporation Non-profit (Resurrection of Life Family Worship Center)

Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC-USA)

Project: Embassy Village Development
Resurrection Life Community and Economic Development Corporation (RLCEDC) along with co-development partner Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), present a Faith Based Development campus consisting of a 113 unit mixed-income apartment complex, Community Health and Wellness Sports and Intervention  Center, Charter School for K-12 and Performing Arts/Church, for community economic development.



CEDC Florida

Faith Church 




Phase 1: 113 unit mixed-income apt complex, Community Health and Wellness Convention Center, 36,000 sq ft dome with 3 NBA size basketball courts, commercial kitchen, computer lab, office space, and community fitness gym. The facility will serve as a space for youth + community programs and a Hurricane shelter-in-place. This property will meet all the FEMA standards for new construction to serve as an emergency shelter base.

Phase 2: 48,000 square feet dome as a state-of-the-art educational facility for K-12, administration and office space, fellowship hall and commercial food kitchen for restaurant entrepreneurship and economic development.

Phase 3: 56,900 square feet monolithic concrete dome, state of the art theatre/sanctuary, foyer, balcony, prayer tower, kiosk and dining area.





Who we are

CEDC, Inc. a certified Community Development Entity formed in 1994, as a community development firm specializing in Opportunity Zones, New Market Tax Credits, P3 Transactions, capacity building, community outreach, affordable housing, economic development. By drawing upon our in-house expertise we are able to provide an array of services in financial planning and management, new housing development and economic development.

CEDC brings experienced community development professionals that are connected to local communities, city governments, media and diverse stakeholders. Members of our team are multi-cultural and come from backgrounds in public relations, coalition building & organizing, government and private sector. CEDC works with municipalities, state agencies, private business and developers.

CEDC is committed to community revitalization efforts in existing communities.  CEDC seeks to facilitate the long-term viability of non-profit and social enterprise organizations through organizational planning, management and restructuring when necessary, to enhance capacity in providing community development and economic development opportunities. We are committed to and believe in Development without Displacement.

How we do it 

As a search engine of real estate projects, CEDC works in community economic development, real estate development, co-development and management that entails a gamut of impressive businesses and corresponding activities and operations. CEDC spends their days (and often nights) assessing, imagining, planning, forecasting, acquiring, financing, leasing, selling, and overseeing development projects from the pre-development stage to its final disposition. 

From raw land deals to planning mixed-use and high-rise buildings, CEDC development team is comprised of the necessary industry experts and business partners that convert concepts and ideas to real property of value and worth. We begin by defining strategic, long-term economic development and marketing outreach goals for each one of the multiple partners at the table.

This includes much more than the design, development and promotion of just one new building or project. As expert financial advisors, minority partners and/or community economic development real estate consultants, we uncover how a development project’s overall brand and image is currently being perceived by its targets and brainstorm ways in which to build upon those perceptions becoming a conduit that economically benefits communities, government, financiers and investors.

Our Mission

CEDC, a Community Development Entity, is committed to a holistic approach to economic housing and community development.  We accomplish this mission through aligning ourselves with community based organizations, social enterprise corporations and government agencies to facilitate innovative concepts that will enrich the community at large.

The driving force behind this is three key project development principles.

Triple Bottom Line:

Financial return
Environmental return
Social impact return

The mission of CEDC is:

To engage in affordable housing development projects with local government agencies, federal agencies and private industry to meet the needs of low to moderate income citizens, seniors and growing families.

To create economic development opportunities which address the needs of various neighborhoods.

To provide leadership development through resource sharing and community forums.

To engage in neighborhood development services which address critical needs of targeted populations.

To advocate and facilitate the formation of public-private partnerships at the federal, state and local levels, where appropriate, and raise the awareness of governments and businesses of the means by which their cooperation can cost effectively provide the public with quality goods, services and facilities.

CEDC is a social enterprise, non-partisan organization with more than 20 years of experience in advocating for and supporting public-private partnerships (P3s) at the federal, state and local levels.

CEDC is committed to informing governments and businesses about how they can collaborate to provide the public with quality goods, services and facilities.

CEDC is dedicated to conducting education and trainings that foster public dialogue to increase knowledge of and participation in P3s.

We are strategically positioned to provide a forum for the brightest ideas and innovators in the P3 sector. As the nation’s preeminent organization solely focused on facilitating community economic development, we provide programs and services that contribute to the implementation, management and development of innovative industry solutions nationwide.

CEDC provides a national platform for, and serves as a thought leader when working with, policy makers at the federal, state and local levels to help shape the future of healthy communities through strong economic growth and innovative real estate development.

Our Strategic Partner
Clearinghouse CDFI

Our strategic partner Clearinghouse CDFI with a growing capital fund of $100 million, is a full-service, direct lender financing projects that create jobs & services to help people work, live, dream, grow, & thrive in healthy communities. The company was established in Orange County, California in 1996 to serve low-income and disadvantaged communities in Southern California. Since that time, Clearinghouse CDFI has expanded its service area to include Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Indian Country throughout the United States. Our Mission: provide economic opportunities and improves the quality of life for lower-income individuals and communities through innovative and affordable financing that is unavailable in the conventional market.

CEDC Policy Institute

CEDC identified a need for transparency in the way FAR governed Public contracts and Financial Entities regulated by Section 116 of Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 and Section 1216 of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act, meet their requirements for the inclusion of Minority and Women owned businesses’ as Suppliers in their regular business activities.

While there is both legislation and approved processes implemented for these activities, there is no public oversight to assure the American public that these contractual and legislative promises are being kept.

For this reason, the CEDC has established a Social Policy division with the full intent of monitoring, collecting and analyzing data, communicating its findings and making recommendations as a way of maximizing the economic and social benefits intended by these Federal and local actions.

Our Team 

Delores Brown

Founder and CEO

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Delores A. Brown - Founder and CEO

Delores A. Brown has over 37 years of experience in the private and nonprofit sector in the field of planning and development for Affordable Housing, mix-use, childcare and youth facilities banking/financial administration, specializing community and economic development, organizational development, fund development, financing and project management, Delores also has more than 20 years of experience in advocating for and supporting public-private partnerships (P3s) at the federal, state and local levels.

Principal lines of Business: Ms. Brown provides technical expertise and strategic thought leadership to non-profits organizations, government agencies and community developers working to facilitate change by utilization of a cadre of funding mechanisms to include Opportunity Zone, Housing Tax Credits, New Market Tax Credits and other sources of financing. Ms. Brown attended CSU Northridge and the University of Southern California majoring in business administration and the Institute of Financial Education for banking operations and finance.

Since 2017 Ms. Brown as a Co-Developer collaborative partner with Clearinghouse CDFI is at the for front of building capacity of both Jurisdictions, Private investment, Corporations and Community Organizations on the benefits of the Opportunity Zones on a local and national basis.  This knowledge includes deal structure of housing and community development in addition to aligning the communities’ vision with investment capital.

Ms. Brown also directs The Center for Social Enterprise, a division of the non-profit 501c3 Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), is an intermediary providing capacity building technical assistance to non-profit and government agencies fostering housing, economic development and social services in underserved communities within Counties of Los Angeles and Fresno, California and the Cities of Atlanta Georgia and New Orleans Louisiana. Working in partnership with scholars, economists, political representatives, business executives and non-profit industry leaders, the center offers its services through a series of symposiums and workshops designed to provide capacity development at every organizational level.

In the past Ms. Brown has served in the capacity of Vice President in the Banking field acquiring new branch facilities, President, Executive Director, and Director of Development for several non-profit agencies and President of a successful community evelopment-consulting firm. Ms. Brown has maintained long term client relationships with several prominent non-profit organizations. Ms. Brown was also one of the first graduates of the USC Lusk Minority Real estate Development Programs Ms. Brown has raised over $80 million dollars for nonprofit organizations.   The work also included creation and implementations of  The Affordable Housing Recapture Initiative (TAHRI) to facilitate the acquisition and resale of distressed properties from Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo.  The TAHRI program was developed as part of our strategy to mitigate and reduce the number of vacant and abandoned properties, reduce the absorption period for sales of foreclosed properties, and stabilize home values in target neighborhoods.  To date 100 homes with a retail value of $6.5 million have been rehabbed and sold to First-time buyers in under-served communities across California.

Ms. Brown currently serves as a board member of the Clearinghouse CDFI New Markets Tax Credit Committee representing Los Angeles County, Money 360 Community Advisory Board and board member of Resources for Infant Educators.

Todd Zeile


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Todd Zeile - Co-Founder

Todd Zeile retired from the NY Mets following the 2004 season, ending a 16 year career in Major league Baseball as on of the few players to compile more than 250 home run hits, 2,000 hits and 1,000 RBIs. Todd is also an entrepreneur, with financial interests and operational experience in Aviation (Aviation Consultants Inc. and San Luis Jet Center) & Real Estate Development. During his career and in retirement, Todd has shared his passion for helping children with organizations such as The Special Olympics, as well as a very personal commitment to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

When not fighting Diabetes, Todd pursued his passion for motion pictures and television with small roles in front of the camera in such shows as Arli$$, Saturday Night Live, Kings of Queens, The Restaurant and his own Fox Sports segment, title “Todd TV”. Most recently, Todd was a creator and Co-Executive Producer of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management for FX.

Since 2013, Todd has continued to build his community involvement with his partnership in CEDC, focusing on stabilizing neighborhoods with housing initiatives designed to provide opportunities for first time home buyers, as well as affordable options for the mentally disabled, homeless and the veterans population. Todd splits time in NY, where he works with the Mets and SNY as a studio analyst, and San Juan Capistrano.

Marcelo Di Mauro

Chief Legal Officer

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Marcelo Di Mauro Esq. - Chief Legal Officer - Corporate Legal Counsel

"Marcelo Di Mauro Esq. is a California Licensed Civil Rights and Corporate Attorney specifically dealing with Real Estate Law, Family Law, Children and disability rights. Mr. Di Mauro has been with the Family Preservation program in Los Angeles County since January 2001. He has worked within the program as a Program Director, ensuring the adequate implementation of the grant. Previously, Mr. Di Mauro was a Police Officer in the Los Angeles area, involved in the investigation of general crimes, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Neglect cases, Gangs and Narcotics. Currently, He provides legal counsel to IMHP in the area of risk management as their general corporate counsel while ensuring all programs‘ contractual adhesion. Mr. Di Mauro’s education includes a BA Degree in Sociology and a Juris Doctorate of law degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with a concentration of Public Interest in Law, along with extensive experience in litigation protecting the rights of immigrants, parents and children.

Steven Brown, MS

VP, Operations

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Steven Brown, MS - VP, Operations

Steven Brown’s scientific curiosity and passion for physics have allowed him to work over the last 10 years on a range of projects and research and enabled him to develop strengths in the management of research, teaching and training. Through his work, he has demonstrated astute skills in engaging learners from diverse backgrounds and age groups by creating innovative, contextualized learning programs and workshops.

Mr. Brown provides bio-statistical information to our colleagues and prepares statistical data for the development of access-based interface and initial assessment protocols. The reports have included the following: community and Economic development Analysis for housing and commercial development, Data and Evaluation Logic models, research and development for the development of the Acacia Cognitive Research and Learning Center to study interventions for children using neuro-feedback therapy, electroencephalography, and real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).Planning and development of inclusion of Mental Health services in community based Federally Qualified Health Centers and community development outcome indicators.

Mr. Brown manages The Center for Social Enterprise, a division of the non-profit 501c3 Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), is an intermediary providing capacity building technical assistance to non-profit and government agencies fostering housing, economic development and social services in underserved communities within Counties of Los Angeles and Fresno, California and the Cities of Atlanta Georgia and New Orleans Louisiana. Working in partnership with scholars, economists, political representatives, business executives and non-profit industry leaders, the center offers its services through a series of symposiums and workshops designed to provide capacity development at every organizational level

In collaboration with educational department and centers of learning, Mr. Brown has supported educators in their professional development, offering guidance and training of scientific teaching methodology. His current experience has enabled him to hone his management and leadership skills as well as my ability to define strategy, engage key stakeholders and establish collaborative partnerships with external agencies.

Dr. Daniel K Tabor

Political Lobbying and Advocacy Director

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Daniel K. Tabor - Political Lobbying and Advocacy Director

Daniel “Danny" K. Tabor has a long distinguished career of public and private service, to his community and his country. A former City Councilman, he was elected Mayor in a special unexpired term election in August of 2010 and served as Mayor until February 2011. After leaving office Daniel re-opened his community development consulting business Rising Star Hospitality Group, helping small businesses, labor unions, not for profit and for profit corporations achieve sustainable community impacts, build brand support and improve local economic benefits. A Social Justice technocratic, Daniel has organized and managed Juvenile Diversion Programs in the 70’s, Promoted Remediation and Restitution programs in the LA County Superior Courts in the 80’s, developed & managed a Child Care Facility Finance program for LA County in the 90’s, negotiated Community Benefit Agreements in the early 2000’s and is a co-facilitator with Re-Entry Corps.

From 1993 to 1996 Mr. Tabor served as the Southern California Liaison for the Office of the Secretary, United States Department of Commerce. Secretary Ronald H. Brown sought Mr. Tabor’s assistance in carrying out President Clinton’s request to direct federal efforts to assist the economic recovery of the State of California. Working with business leaders and local elected officials to analyze economic trends and develop business recovery strategies requires both socio- economic insights and skillful political collaboration. He brought to the position, twelve years of public policy development and community planning, as a Inglewood City Councilman, eight of those years as a member of the Board of Directors of the League of California Cities, where he chaired the Community, Housing and Economic Development Committee. Four years on the Board of Directors of the National League of Cities, two years as chairma of the Community and Economic Development Committee. One year as the President of the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO). And more than 30 years of public advocacy and action on African, African American and Carribbean Economic Development and Human Rights. The lasting legacy of his work with Secretary Brown is opening and expansion of International Trade offices in California, the JobLinks Program which is part of FEMA’s disaster response and the Tele-medicine project of Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and Carmelitos Public Housing Development of the County of Los Angeles.

Lionel Pasamonte

Creative & Marketing

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Lionel Max Pasamonte - Marketing Director

As a partner in a dynamic product development technology group called Celeritas186 Lionel brings a unique and impactful wealth of experience spearheading CEDC's proptech strategies and implementation.

Lionel currently is in his 5th year as an E.I.R. (Entrepreneur in Residence) with CEDC and IMHP. He is a managing partner in several of the IMHP programs including, FUN DMC: Digital, Media and Coding for Teens, Center for Social Enterprise: providing capacity building technical assistance to existing and emerging non-profits and government agencies fostering housing , economic development and social services in underserved communities and LIF*E: Los Angeles Institute of Film &* Digital Media Education, which maximizes the power of all media as an educational force in the lives of youth through innovative programming and partnerships that benefit our greater community.

With over 25 years in media production, and over 20 years as a union member of the DGA (Directors’ Guild of America). Lionel has directed and produced multi-camera variety and sports events for MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox, DreamWorks, Microsoft, and Billboard among others. He was the Executive Producer of MUN2, the NBC/Telemundo owned Latino LifeStyle & Music channel during its re-branding and national network launch.

Joseph Richards

CFO – Accounting

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Joseph Richards - Chief Financial Officer - Accounting Director

Joseph Richards, Jr. is a highly experienced Business Professional. Joseph attended California State University Los Angeles, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration / Accounting. He received a Master of Arts degree from California State University Dominquez Hills in Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding. Joseph has worked in business for over forty-two years; eight years in financial institutions and over thirty years in school business, serving as an Interim Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and a Director of Budget and Finance. He has been the Chief Business Official for organizations with budgets that exceed two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000), led the building and modernization of several schools, negotiated the sale and purchase of multi-million dollar developed and undeveloped school and business properties, served as the chief labor negotiator and has negotiated over forty (40) bargaining unit agreements.

Joseph is a firm believer in giving back to his community. Over the years, he has coached youth soccer, basketball and track. He has volunteered and mentored youth at the Boys and Girls Club. Annually, he chaperones middle and high school students on visits/tours of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). He is also an active member in the church he attends. Joseph is a former Rotarian and has been awarded a Paul Harris Fellow award.

Joseph served on the Board of Directors for Gold Coast Trust, the Oversight Board of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Buenaventura, the Ventura County Schools Public Facilities Financing Corporation, the Executive Board for the Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority and, he currently serves on the Ventura County First-Five Administration Finance Committee as well as the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Stewards Board.

William D. Bevel

Acquisitions Director
S & NE Regions

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William D. Bevel - Acquisitions Director South & Northwest Regions

William brings 30 plus years of entrepreneurial experience and an innate ability to seek out suitable site acquisitions that meet and expand the companies’ goals and objectives from extensive experience in development and construction of single family homes to development and sale of a Mobile Imaging Services in the health care environment.

William has considerable business development and transactional experience, commercial real estate knowledge, managerial experience, and a strong work ethic. William’s ability to envision new neighborhoods, revive old ones, and construct new ones that will stand for the next hundred years is a strong asset for community development.

William will assist the management team in identifying acquisition opportunities in the Southeast, and Northeast Region of the United States, including defining each project’s services program.

Kinikki Fullerwood

Director of
Community Relations

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Kinikki Fullerwood - Director of Community Relations

Kinikki Fullerwood is the Chief Executive Officer of Guardians of Love, Inc. (GOL).  Annually, Guardians of Love serves more than 2,200 children and families through various programs.  As CEO, Kinikki is passionate about creating new/supplemental programs that address the current deficit in services provided within the community.   Her focus is on positively impacting the long-term quality of life for every child and family; while in the foster care setting and beyond.  With over 18 years’ experience working in the social service industry, Kinikki is dedicated to creating viable opportunities for children and families not merely to survive, but thrive; socially, physically and emotionally.


Kinikki was born into a loving, nurturing family that cemented her belief in exposure being the portal to amplifying drive.  As a result, Kinikki created activities and events specifically to expose, nurture and empower youth.  Two of the most notable include the Project Me Series (self-esteem events for teens) and GOL’s Annual Trunk-or-Treat event, which is the biggest attended Halloween event for foster youth within Los Angeles county.  

Kinikki believes collaboration is the key to lasting generational solutions. She is currently working with local community-based organizations, the City of Los Angeles and the City of Compton to create programs and events to enhance and strengthen vulnerable communities.

Kinikki is one of the founding members of the Southern California Foster Care Mentoring Network (SCFCMN) and is a current board member of the United Empowerment Foundation.  Kinikki has received several awards for her community work, including the 2013 President’s Drum Major Services Award and the 2015 President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Cassie Betts

Chief Innovation

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Cassie Betts - Chief Innovation Officer

Cassie Betts, a leading advocate for women and minority-owned businesses, was homeless at the age of 19. She was able to go from sleeping on bus stop benches and cardboard boxes to acting and modeling in Coca-Cola® commercials as well as TV & film. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and maintained a lucrative career in the fashion industry.


Cassie founded a fashion-tech company called in 2013. District2 helped to connect fashion designers with local apparel manufacturers. Cassie is the host of a live radio show turned podcast called that airs every Saturday 12pm Pacific on KBLA Talk 1580. Forbes dubbed her “The Woman Turning South LA into Startup Land”. She is the catalyst and visionary behind South LA’s first Best Buy Teen Tech Center. She is the Founder and CEO of Made In South LA- MISLA.  

MISLA is part Digital Learning Academy and part software development agency that trains and hires youth + adults in high-paying skill sets such as software engineering, web design, content creation, and digital marketing. As CIO of CEDC & IMHP, Cassie is currently working on almost a dozen more tech centers that will bring economic growth and workforce development to disinvested communities throughout the world.

Renee Moncito

Chief of Partnerships and Programs

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Renee Moncito - Chief of Partnerships and Programs

Renee Moncito, Chief of Partnerships and Programs at CEDC boasts over 20 years of experience dedicated to uplifting underserved communities and supporting small businesses. With a strong foundation in management and leadership, she drives innovation across various industries. Her extensive knowledge in planning, compliance, and program evaluation was honed during her tenure as Director of Programs at VSEDC. Renee's entrepreneurial experience as the Founder and CEO of Wings of Refuge equips her to guide businesses in developing marketing campaigns and nurturing valuable relationships. Holding a Master of Business Administration from the USC Marshall Executive Program, she empowers business leaders at all stages, instilling confidence and providing essential tools for success.


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Ray Kermani Esq.
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Ramee Richards
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